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The Daily Journal

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Say hello to your new morning practice. This journal has been a staple of Jill's (founder of Spirit Daughter) daily ritual for over 15 years. Simple in concept, this practice will change your life. The journal includes 244 undated pages just ready for you to fill out each day to keep you aligned with the life you want to live.

The practice begins with a gratitude list that is sure to raise your vibration at the start of your day. It then asks you to write a 5/5 list, naming five things you need to today and then five things you want to do in your life. Get clear about your day, your life, and your dreams. It ends each page with a space for reflection at the end of your day, giving you something to smile about before bed. 

This Journal is the perfect bridge between New and Full Moon. The community always asks what Jill does each morning- this it!  This practice keeps you on track with your intentions and anchors your day with positivity. Get ready to change your life one day at a time.