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Seeing Eye Planner - July 2021-August 2022

PLEASE ALLOW UNTIL END OF MAY FOR SHIPMENT A 13 month planner for those that follow the academic year, or for anyone looking for a fresh start at the end of the summer. Part day planner, part journal, part spiritual and creative processing tool...this planner will keep all parts of you inspired, organized, curious, and aligned. **Now includes a written guide on how to use each section!** DETAILS: - July 2021 - August 2022 planner featuring our Seeing Eye cover art. Screened in gold ink on your choice of a fuchsia pink, grass green, sapphire blue, or black cover. - black wire bound (made from steel) Each planner will be double inspected for quality before packaged and shipped out. When you are finished with your planner you can remove the wire and recycle the paper, or shred and compost the paper. The wire is made of steel and can be recycled at most scrap metal recycling centers if you should desire to do so!