Palo Santo Wood Bundle Box - Plastic Free– Station Salon & Boutique
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Palo Santo Wood Bundle Box - Plastic Free

Palo Santo: Sacred Cleansing Wood offers a way to engage in an ancient energy cleansing practice with respect and intention. Palo santo wood sticks offer inherent soothing and cleansing properties found in the resinous oil of the wood. They are hand-cut from dry, aged trees and produce a sweet, woodsy aroma. Instructions and safety information are included on packaging. Palo santo wood is sustainably harvested in Peru. This product is part of our PURE Earth Collection. Includes: 5 x palo santo wood sticks ( 4" L x 0.5" W) 1 x hexagon box ( 5" L x 2" W x 2" D) Packaging: hexagon-style box, FSC certified ivory textured paper, soy-based ink, rectangular cut-out for viewing product within package 100% recyclable (contains no plastic, no magnets, no foam)