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Permission to Rest



A revolutionary invitation to tend to our fundamental need for renewal, self-care, and mindfulness by disengaging from our devices and acknowledging the ways that we are burnout, from the author of How to Breathe.

Permission to Rest shows us why slowing down is so important and exactly how to do so in a way that facilitates true rest and growth. It’s the guide we didn’t know we so desperately needed.”—Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine expert, and New York Times bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting and Gut Feelings

In a culture that constantly tells us to do more of everything but simultaneously pressures us to do nothing, Permission to Rest is a passionate cry for a more regulated, resourced, and rested life. Wellness expert Ashley Neese combines personal essays, contemplative questions, scientific research, and somatic practices to help us disrupt the state of urgency, reflect inward, and relax deeply. Neese examines common beliefs around rest and offers support and guidance to challenge the shame, guilt, and discomfort that often arise when we attempt to slow down.