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Square Neck Long Sleeve Top: Dusty Blue


Unveil an instant classic with the Square Neck Long Sleeve Top, the top that puts the 'squared' in 'well-rounded wardrobe' and the 'luxe' in 'loungewear.' This isn't just a long sleeve top—it's a lesson in geometric grace, perfect for lounging in style or stepping out. The square neck offers a modern twist to the classic silhouette, turning even the most basic outfits into a style statement. Whether you're working from home or making an appearance downtown, this versatile piece transitions effortlessly. Add this cornerstone loungewear piece to your collection and offer your customers a modern staple that redefines comfort and style. 92% Nylon 8% Spandex 

Size Fit: XS/S : 32A 32B 32C 34A 34B M/L : 32D 34C 36B 36C 38B