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Viola: 20"


* Pearl * Gold plated brass spring ring * 16", 18", 20' or 22"L * Hand-knotted on pale pink silk * Handmade in NYC Wow! I am so  happy to be able to offer different lengths for this style! The spring ring could be worn in the front just in case you decide to add some charms! This could become your classic strand so you should love it!

Proper care for your jewelry: 

Make sure to remove before showering, sweating, excercising, or swimming in a pool or the ocean. Some gemstones and pearl are actually very porous and they will lose their luster!

To ensure a long happy life, do not get lotions or perfumes on any of your jewelry. Some chemicals are just too harsh.

Always store your jewelry carefully away from humidity and sunlight. It's also best to remove before sleeping!