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Station Salon and Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salon

We are now a sustainable salon and are partnering with Green Circle Salons to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. We are excited for this new chapter at Station as we work to do more for our planet and do our part within the beauty industry to protect the environment by reducing waste.  

By becoming a sustainable Green Circle Salon, we are able to separate out our salon-specific waste such as foils, hair clippings, hair color, and wax strips and send these particular items to recycling facilities that repurpose them.  

To make this type of recycling possible, our services will now include an Eco  Fee (EF) of $3 per visit, depending on the service. This money will go directly towards ensuring the items you utilize while in service at HAUS are sent to recycling facilities instead of landfills. We thank you for joining us in making positive changes to truly impact our environment and the world.

Salon Waste

Salons create 877 pounds of waste every single minute. As a sustainable salon, Green Circle will help us divert up to 95% of our beauty waste into more sustainable options.


hair clippings

Green Circle Salons is the world's first sustainable salon solution dedicated to recycling, recovering and repurposing beauty waste from salons and spas.



  • How does the Green Circle program work?

    We will now be specifically separating and collecting beauty waste generated from our  salon. This includes leftover hair color, hair clippings, hair foils, and more.  After the beauty waste leaves Station Salon, Green Circle takes care of the rest. Their “Green Guarantee” means the beauty waste collected will be recycled or repurposed, rather than end up in a landfill or waterway.

  • What types of beauty waste will our salon now be able to recycle or repurpose?

    We can now  recycle and/or repurpose hair clippings, excess hair color, used metals and foils, used single use items, and paper and plastic waste.

  • What is an EF (ECO Fee) and we do we have it?

    As a company, we at Station Salon must continue to seek out ways to become more eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and sustainable. As a beauty industry leader, it is important to us to lead the way in finding innovative ways to protect the environment in every way we can. To make this possible, we must partner with our clients. The EF charge of $3 per visit, will cover ongoing Green Circle program costs directly related to beauty waste recycling and other salon-wide environmental sustainability efforts.

  • How will we charge our ESF?

    The ESF will be added on as an additional line item that is added to each service. An ESF charge of $3 will be added per visit.

    Why doesn’t Station Salon  cover the cost of ESF?

    Unlike some industries, we aren’t currently able to specially recycle the beauty items we use through our waste management partners. Much of this kind of recycling is still emerging, and until it becomes more mainstream in order to recycle salon specific waste items, we need to utilize Green Circle’s programs to access recycling facilities and repurposing options. It is critically important for the salon industry to do our part in making the planet a cleaner place, and that comes at a high cost. It is not financially possible for us to be eco-friendly without using a service like Green Circle as this capability is emerging. We appreciate your partnership as we move toward doing better.


Good hair days

Good hair days

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